Its my Blogoversary!

So I was checking my email on my phone and see an email from blogger that somebody left a message on a previous post. So I click on it and a Teena from Toronto said "Happy Blogoversary!" Lol. I thought "Really? Hmmm I think I would notice that!" and I go to my blog and lo and behold it is my blogoversary! I can't believ I didn't notice it and I should have because its around the time my grandma passed and this blogging really helped BUT that's another story.

So what does one do to celebrate a blogoversary? Maybe I should have a belated blogoversary giveaway! That doesn't sound too bad, does it? I didn't think so. So let me go figure out what I am giving away and ill come back and have a giveaway! Later


Has anybody seen time?

My daughter is 10 months! Where has the time gone? I was pregnant this time a year and couldn't imagine what 2009 would look like and now its almost over.Its been a very... interesting year, for a lack of a better word. Actually a lot has happened this year, some good, some bad, but one thing I am glad is that my kids are healthy and my husband and I are together.

One of the good things this year is my butterball, Cziana. Shes so chunky and has the funiest smile ever, she has reached many milestones already, she rolled over at a month old, she grew her 1st tooth at 4 months old (which is when breastfeeding stopped... OUCH!), she sat up unassisted at 4 1/2 months, started crawling and standing up on furniture at 7months, and at 9 months she learned to clap and waive Bye Bye. I've been a very proud momma, and now at 10months she has learned how to climb off the couch and the bed! I am not sure I am happy about that, lol, that means I can't keep her away from anything now. When I need to cook or I am busy with something I put her on the couch and she stays there... well not anymore! She's one smart cookie, I know the next thing is walking and then I am reallty in for it!

Another good thing is seeing my son, Jayden, go from a baby to a big boy! Jayden started pre-school this year so he has learned many things, adding to the ones i taught him. Before pre-school Jayden knew most of his letters, but not in order, as well as his numbers and colors, but now he knows his ABC's, he is able to count items and tell me how many there are. He sings to his sister all the songs he has learned, he just has really surprised me. His teachers love him and they always say how smart and good he is, it really makes me feel good as a parent. He will be 4 next February and just thinking about it makes me tear up, my baby Big boy is growing up.

Some not too good things this year were that both my husband and I got layed off. It has been very tough on us in our relationship and as parents, but whatever doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger. Not to mention the help of family and friends, that have helped us in this tough time. And my little Blog Design Blog, and my customers that have helped as well. Thank you

Thank you for reading and if I don't post again (which I am known to be gone for long periods) Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy Holidays (sorry if I missed any) from our family to yours!


Homemade halloween Costumes

Omg a lot of work went into this. This is the first time I have made something like this. Last year I made my son's costume (and mine) but out of cardboard boxes. He was Thomas the Train, and I was A bun in the oven since I was pregnant with Cziana. It was pretty easy, finding boxes, painting them and done.

But Cziana's first Halloween Costume, has proven to be a big challenge just like she is lol. I decided to make her Boo from Monster's Inc. but in the Monster costume. I didn't realy think about it when I decided, wow it was hard. It took me about 8 days of hand sewing, the body was pretty easy, but the hood was something else. The first hood I made I couldn't get it to stand up behind her head but after a lot of imagination, pipe-cleaners and boning... Success! I feel really proud of myself, I feel like a mom now haha.
Here is my masterpiece

And of course she's eating the teeth because she puts everything in her mouth lol. Jayden decided to be Handy Manny this year. It was so exciting since he is in school now , so he had his first Halloween Parade!

His costume cost under 12 bucks to find and make, which was a wonderful thing, since both Dh and I are still unemployed.

So there are my beautiful kids in their awesome costumes!


Just an FYI

I won't have access to a computer for about 2 to 3 weeks. I might pop in from my phone but maybe not. I will see you guys when I come back.


Wordless Wednesdays

So I am joining the Bandwagon. Here is my Wordless Wednesday...
Nice huh? Come back tomorrow, pull up a chair, drink some coffee, and I'll tell you what happened lol.


My Baby is going to school!!

Its a bittersweet day, the day your first grown goes to his first day of (pre)School. I was exited but dreading the day, it would mean my child has grown up and is no longer my baby. I am a very emotional parent, I cried on his first smile, his first giggle, his first tooth, the day he took his first poo poo in the toilet (lol I even took a picture of it haha, ewww), and of course I cried on his first day of school (heck I cried in the days leading to it). Yeah call me a crybaby I admit it. I was doing so good watching him get settled, my son is a very outgoing boy he strikes up conversation with anybody. So its no surprise that he settled right in, he didn't even pout or frown as I said goodbye!! He just waived and smiled "Bye Mommy! Bye!"

In a way I wanted him to tell me not to leave him because I guess I am uber attached, but I know that this is best. And when I was the last parent to leave and the door closed behind me I looked back in the window and saw him try to console a boy next to him that was crying when his mommy left, and then thats when it started... I began to bawl! My husband just stared and started laughing and I was crying! I can't help it, I tear up with just about anything.

My child loves school, he can't wait to go the next day. When I start taking out what his going to wear the next day he always asks "Mommy is that for school tomorrow?" and I say "yes baby" every night. And I know that tomorrow when he wakes up it will be his last day of High School. My baby, my little Man, will one day soon be walking across that stage and of course I will be there sobbing uncontrollably.

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Stickman Thursday! 1st Edition

My first Stickman Thursday! After seeing this blog Stickman Theater I couldn't help myself, I was on the floor laughing my butt off, they recap movies and shows stickman style, Man the Twilight saga cracked me up! So I decided to recap my week stickman style, and here is my first edition. Hope you enjoy and if you start your own stickman thursday link me up, I would love to see it.

Stickman Thursday 8/13



I love how my new design came out. I've been working on it for a while, making tweeks here and there. I've learned more things so I tried to incorporate some of those things. I used my Digital scrapbooking kit My Baby girl again, but tried using them in different ways. I am very happy the way it came out, I think it shows my girlieness a lot and my style.

So what do you think?


Blog Train Freebie!!!!

Hello!!! I've been a busy person lately! I've been designing Blogs, trying to put the finishing touches to my store, and things here and there I haven't had time to design any DigiScrap products. I joined the Blog Train Blog, this is a group of designers that volunteer to make freebies just for you!! There are about 100 designers that sign up, so that means that you will be getting tons of FREE mb!! The theme of the August Blog Train is Back to school!

Here is the previe of the freebie you'll be getting from me

and you can download it here

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Hope you enjoy! Comments are appreciated!


Do you Twitter?

Ok so I finally jumped in! I created a Twitter for CznyDesigns. I've had a personal one for a while but didn't want to promote that one since some weird stuff gets posted lol. Anyways so this twitter ties in all my blogs, My DigiScrap Blog CznyDesigns, Czny"Blog"Designs and my newest one DigiDesignerTOU. My twitter address is http://twitter.com/CznyDesigns, and if you'll see I have a spiffy new background that I created ofcourse! And if you follow me you'll get a free Twitter background! Hurry because this ends tomorrow 3pm PST! Coupon code TWITJUL20

To use the coupon code go to Czny"Blog"Designs click on my contact tab and fill out the form, make sure you specify this is for a "Twitter Background" and enter the code.


Bad to Worse...

Things have been going from bad to worse! First my husband got laid off last week, still wasn't freaking out because I am the one that brings the majority of the bacon, but now... I am freaking out! My company decided to shut down, giving us 60 days notice, I don't know what we are going to do, I don't know if I'll find a job, if I'll get insurance for my kids, I don't know whats going to happen, all I know is that I have faith in god and things will eventually get better.


CT- Call

I am back from a designing Hiatus and I am Opening a new store and need 5-10 CT's. Seasoned and New scrappers are welcome! Please link me to your most completed Gallery. Make sure I have an email to contact you or you are able to receive PMs.

  • 1-2 layouts per kit ( I usually have maybe 1 or 2 per month)
  • CT enabling, posting on DST, My Gallery and another Gallery of your choice
  • Posting 1 blog post per month

  • Free Kits, coupons
  • You can also use my Blog Wear (Plop Its, Kwik-E-Blogs)

Thank you & Good Luck!


Twilight Blog makeover?

I am thinking of updating my blog? What do you think? I love pink but I so everything in pink. Maybe I should do a twilight inspired makeover? (if you didn't know I am obsessed! Yes super obsessed, I read the 1st book in a week! The last 3 I read each one in 2 days!!! My husband thinks I am psycho, and he is probably right, yep thats me and Edward! Sigh!
SO maybe I should do a twilight makeover, I used Flergs' Into The Twilight kit for that picture, I can definately use that. So anyways enough of my ramblings, Have a Happy and safe 4th of july weekend (not sure if i'll be back before Monday).


"I'm not a baby anymore! I am a big Boy!!

That is what my son says everytime he goes potty in the toilet! He's been doing so good this whole weekend, not one wet undie, he's even going standing up! I am so proud of him. I've been so worried because he is 3 and a half and everyother 3 and under child around us is potty trained. I know that all kids go their own pace but he is so advanced in everything else I though for sure he was going to get this. And last night I put on a nighttime pull up and it was nice and dry this morning. I am soo happy!



My New "Blog Design" Blog

Hello web people, just wanted to let you know I just Opened my Czny"Blog"Designs blog. If you are looking to pretty up your blog contact me so we can get started. I can work with your blog budget and if you do reviews and giveaways we can work something out.
Go check out Czny"Blog"Designs, you never know what specials you may find...


Update and a freebie!

Hey ya'll just though I'd post an update, a freebie and a (tad) late New year's resolution to post and design more.
Well Cziana is now 4months old and I can 't believe this girl is teething already. Her tooth is about to pop out! She's also very awake, she wants to sit up already but her Big O' noggin keeps bringing her down lol.

Jayden is 3 1/2 now, my baby boy is now a big boy and he makes sure you know it. He loves Cziana a lot, he's constantly checking her I call him Mr. Mom because he lets me know when to change her diper and feed her. He's latest thing is Break dancing! Music comes up and there he is spinning on his head and kicking his legs. I should post a video of him.
Well my husband and I celebrated 5 years married in April! Time sure flies, I was 17 1/2 (yeah I know psycho!) and we got hitched in Las Vegas, and mind you I wore a black dress lol. So now after 5 years, and 2 kids later, we are getting remarried! It'll be sometime in august (shame on me I haven't started anything except I know what dress I want.
And me... I finally got my photoshop back and I finished a kit!!! I even have a little freebie/sneekpeek for you. It should be in stores by this week!

(Image is clickable to download)

Until next time!


Im back!!!!

Yes I am back!! It feels good to have my own computer now! My computer's motherboard died on me so I've been without, and it's been really hard posting on my phone. So I am back and hopefully got lots to write, design and scrap about.

and here I leave you with my first mini scrap I've done since I came back.

made with Flergs SYTYCD week2 freebie


Pics, pics and more pics

So I know I have promised a lot of you pics of my new baby girl and my big boy, so here they are...


ColorMe Company

Birthday, Birthday, Birthdays!!!! February has just become one of my most busiest months of the year! My Daughter was born on February 3rd, My son's and Uncle Gio's birthday was on the 4th, the kid's Godfather's birthday was on the 16th, Jayden's Friend Alexis on the 19th and my husbands 24th birthday will be on the 27th!! If you lost count that was 6 birthdays and not to mention Valentine's day, thats a lot of parties, gifts, and cards to make.

Being so busy taking care of a newborn and a 3 yr old, I was delighted to be contacted by a unique Card Company (among other things) called ColorMe Company. They have products that allow your little ones to express their creativity on cards, pillowcases, and t-shirts, rather than your kitchen wall like my son did.

ColorMe Company sent me the Big Dawg Happy Birthday card 8 pack, perfect for all the birthdays this month. This set, as do most of the products, feature original artwork submitted by children. When I opened the package my son's eyes lit up, and the first thing he asked for was a crayon, haha.

Jayden decided to color his first card for his Godfather, Edwin, he grabbed the card and the crayons that came with the cards, and set himself on the floor and began coloring. Here is his masterpiece.

As a special treat to my readers, ColorMe Company was kind enough to offer 20% off their products, the code is colormelovesmoms. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to stop by www.colormecompany.com