Homemade halloween Costumes

Omg a lot of work went into this. This is the first time I have made something like this. Last year I made my son's costume (and mine) but out of cardboard boxes. He was Thomas the Train, and I was A bun in the oven since I was pregnant with Cziana. It was pretty easy, finding boxes, painting them and done.

But Cziana's first Halloween Costume, has proven to be a big challenge just like she is lol. I decided to make her Boo from Monster's Inc. but in the Monster costume. I didn't realy think about it when I decided, wow it was hard. It took me about 8 days of hand sewing, the body was pretty easy, but the hood was something else. The first hood I made I couldn't get it to stand up behind her head but after a lot of imagination, pipe-cleaners and boning... Success! I feel really proud of myself, I feel like a mom now haha.
Here is my masterpiece

And of course she's eating the teeth because she puts everything in her mouth lol. Jayden decided to be Handy Manny this year. It was so exciting since he is in school now , so he had his first Halloween Parade!

His costume cost under 12 bucks to find and make, which was a wonderful thing, since both Dh and I are still unemployed.

So there are my beautiful kids in their awesome costumes!


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