Soooo... What do you think???

I finally redid my blog!! lol What do you think? It might be a little tooo girly, but I am just so excited I am having a lil Girl that I couldn't help myself! The kit used I just released it. Its called My Baby Girl and you can find it here at SFS. Ofcourse I couldn't resist adding a shameles plug in there! haha

Well I am 27 weeks, 13 more weeks to go!!! And I am super nervous! Jayden knows there is a baby in my belly and if you ask him whats the baby's name he will tell you "Chana Baby" which means Cziana Baby lol. I don't think he quite gets that a baby is going to be coming, I just hope he doesn't get too jealous! Well yeah thats my little update, I have to come back and post some pictures of my Jayden and my belly too!

Thanks for reading!