Do you Twitter?

Ok so I finally jumped in! I created a Twitter for CznyDesigns. I've had a personal one for a while but didn't want to promote that one since some weird stuff gets posted lol. Anyways so this twitter ties in all my blogs, My DigiScrap Blog CznyDesigns, Czny"Blog"Designs and my newest one DigiDesignerTOU. My twitter address is http://twitter.com/CznyDesigns, and if you'll see I have a spiffy new background that I created ofcourse! And if you follow me you'll get a free Twitter background! Hurry because this ends tomorrow 3pm PST! Coupon code TWITJUL20

To use the coupon code go to Czny"Blog"Designs click on my contact tab and fill out the form, make sure you specify this is for a "Twitter Background" and enter the code.


Bad to Worse...

Things have been going from bad to worse! First my husband got laid off last week, still wasn't freaking out because I am the one that brings the majority of the bacon, but now... I am freaking out! My company decided to shut down, giving us 60 days notice, I don't know what we are going to do, I don't know if I'll find a job, if I'll get insurance for my kids, I don't know whats going to happen, all I know is that I have faith in god and things will eventually get better.


CT- Call

I am back from a designing Hiatus and I am Opening a new store and need 5-10 CT's. Seasoned and New scrappers are welcome! Please link me to your most completed Gallery. Make sure I have an email to contact you or you are able to receive PMs.

  • 1-2 layouts per kit ( I usually have maybe 1 or 2 per month)
  • CT enabling, posting on DST, My Gallery and another Gallery of your choice
  • Posting 1 blog post per month

  • Free Kits, coupons
  • You can also use my Blog Wear (Plop Its, Kwik-E-Blogs)

Thank you & Good Luck!


Twilight Blog makeover?

I am thinking of updating my blog? What do you think? I love pink but I so everything in pink. Maybe I should do a twilight inspired makeover? (if you didn't know I am obsessed! Yes super obsessed, I read the 1st book in a week! The last 3 I read each one in 2 days!!! My husband thinks I am psycho, and he is probably right, yep thats me and Edward! Sigh!
SO maybe I should do a twilight makeover, I used Flergs' Into The Twilight kit for that picture, I can definately use that. So anyways enough of my ramblings, Have a Happy and safe 4th of july weekend (not sure if i'll be back before Monday).