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Ok so I finally jumped in! I created a Twitter for CznyDesigns. I've had a personal one for a while but didn't want to promote that one since some weird stuff gets posted lol. Anyways so this twitter ties in all my blogs, My DigiScrap Blog CznyDesigns, Czny"Blog"Designs and my newest one DigiDesignerTOU. My twitter address is http://twitter.com/CznyDesigns, and if you'll see I have a spiffy new background that I created ofcourse! And if you follow me you'll get a free Twitter background! Hurry because this ends tomorrow 3pm PST! Coupon code TWITJUL20

To use the coupon code go to Czny"Blog"Designs click on my contact tab and fill out the form, make sure you specify this is for a "Twitter Background" and enter the code.


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