My Baby is going to school!!

Its a bittersweet day, the day your first grown goes to his first day of (pre)School. I was exited but dreading the day, it would mean my child has grown up and is no longer my baby. I am a very emotional parent, I cried on his first smile, his first giggle, his first tooth, the day he took his first poo poo in the toilet (lol I even took a picture of it haha, ewww), and of course I cried on his first day of school (heck I cried in the days leading to it). Yeah call me a crybaby I admit it. I was doing so good watching him get settled, my son is a very outgoing boy he strikes up conversation with anybody. So its no surprise that he settled right in, he didn't even pout or frown as I said goodbye!! He just waived and smiled "Bye Mommy! Bye!"

In a way I wanted him to tell me not to leave him because I guess I am uber attached, but I know that this is best. And when I was the last parent to leave and the door closed behind me I looked back in the window and saw him try to console a boy next to him that was crying when his mommy left, and then thats when it started... I began to bawl! My husband just stared and started laughing and I was crying! I can't help it, I tear up with just about anything.

My child loves school, he can't wait to go the next day. When I start taking out what his going to wear the next day he always asks "Mommy is that for school tomorrow?" and I say "yes baby" every night. And I know that tomorrow when he wakes up it will be his last day of High School. My baby, my little Man, will one day soon be walking across that stage and of course I will be there sobbing uncontrollably.

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Sweet Escape said...

I'm so right there with you!!! My oldest started high school this year (seriously who stole my sweet little baby girl and replaced her with this beautiful young woman???) And my youngest started kindergarten!!! He has been at home with me EVERY DAY for the past 5 years and on the first day he was to spend an length of time away from me he just smiles and waves!!! Then when he came home he said 'I thought about you today but I wasn't sad'!!! That brought tears to my eyes LOL But I guess if they are confident enough in themselves to go off on their own we must be doing something right, huh? {{{hugs}}}} because all of us moms need hugs!!!

Dawn said...

I remember those days myself. My daughter was the same, was more than happy to say good bye to me and let me leave, lol. I truly miss my little girl, but adore and respect the woman she has become.

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