Update and a freebie!

Hey ya'll just though I'd post an update, a freebie and a (tad) late New year's resolution to post and design more.
Well Cziana is now 4months old and I can 't believe this girl is teething already. Her tooth is about to pop out! She's also very awake, she wants to sit up already but her Big O' noggin keeps bringing her down lol.

Jayden is 3 1/2 now, my baby boy is now a big boy and he makes sure you know it. He loves Cziana a lot, he's constantly checking her I call him Mr. Mom because he lets me know when to change her diper and feed her. He's latest thing is Break dancing! Music comes up and there he is spinning on his head and kicking his legs. I should post a video of him.
Well my husband and I celebrated 5 years married in April! Time sure flies, I was 17 1/2 (yeah I know psycho!) and we got hitched in Las Vegas, and mind you I wore a black dress lol. So now after 5 years, and 2 kids later, we are getting remarried! It'll be sometime in august (shame on me I haven't started anything except I know what dress I want.
And me... I finally got my photoshop back and I finished a kit!!! I even have a little freebie/sneekpeek for you. It should be in stores by this week!

(Image is clickable to download)

Until next time!


Melissa said...

You kids are gorgeous and cute kit.

deltalady6 said...

Thanks so much!

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