Hello all, again it's been a long time!! Well I am here at work, anxiously waiting for tomorrow!!!! We get to confirm the sex of my baby!!! I was told first it was a boy, then I was told that it was definately a girl, so tomorrow we confirm the sex!! I am soooooooooooo excited!! I am now 19 weeks so I'm pretty much halfway there.

I'm starting to get my mojo back, Im designing a couple kits right now and I can't wait to finish them. If you come back tomorrow there might be a little freebie for you, depending on my baby's sex, it will either be pink or blue, so stop by and check it out!!

I also have a little something going on for my 22nd birthday!!! I can't believe I'll be 22 yet, I just turned 21!! My Birthday is on the 7th so make sure you stop by next week, I'll have nice things for you, as well as some coupons, prizes, and some moohla!!! lol

I love October!!


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