Happy Sad Day...

If any of you have followed my blog from the begining, you'd see it started with very mixed feelings. My Grandma who helped raise me had just passed away, she was 79. After years of suffering, she was finally able to rest in peace. Today 10/21, she would have been 80 years old. I miss her terribly, especially during the holidays and religious holidays. She was a very religious person, even when her knees started to give on her she would walk and take the bus 26 blocks to get to church. On ash wednesday when my mom couldn't take us to church, she would have the priest place ashes in an envelope and bless them so she could put it on our foreheads. During the summer, while she took care of us, she would make all of us grandchildren, 6 of us, walk and take the bus with her to church. It wasn't fun at the time, but now how I wish she would take me. She was buried in Mexico, so I can't even go visit her grave. She died on December 12, which was the Virgin Mary's Saint Day, so I'll probably go to her favorite church and go leave a buquet of roses at her altar.
Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!! I miss you!!



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