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Hello all!! I know I have neglected my blog once again! So much to say and do but so little time. Man have gotten myself into many things lately, well as most of you know I am a SAHM mom now so I do a lot of driving around and cooking and cleaning *gasp*, trust me thats a BIG thing. Hubby is definately happy lol. Oh and hubby also got a job, finally! We have been so blessed lately, and then it makes me think, that yes, things do happen for a reason!

So anyways, my crativity somehow found itself in cakes, yes, CAKES!! Who knew I had it in me, i sure didn't, the first cake I ever tried to bake like 3 years ago, went up in smoke, literally! So my kids bdays are very close (Cziana feb 3 and Jayden feb 4) and I decided to make Cziana's first cake but I wanted to try my hand at one first. And here is the first try
 Not bad, right? and it tasted good and nothing was burned! Ok so I decided ok I will make Cziana's cake for her bday and this is my second try

And one of my kids enjoying my cake

Oh yes and it doesn't end there! (Aren't you regretting reading this post, lol)o my hubby's bdayis also in Feb, and its the 27, so I decided to make him a cake as well, and here it is

and please excuse my mess, I was too eager to take pictures and forgot to clean up lol. So thatswhat kept me busy AND (sorry some more) I've been scrapping more, I've decided to take a break from designing scrapbook supplies since it takes too much of my time, and it has let my scrapping mojo come back, I have a ton of pictures to scrap and I hope to catch up since I am planning on actually printing my pages. So now I leave you with some pages I've made lately

Top ribbons- My Baby Girl by CznyDesigns, cupcake, Number 1 (recolored) Number 4, Black Birthday label, photo corners- Party Pants by Miss Mint, picture frames- Welcome to the new you by Simply Tiffany designs, Year stamps- Will you by Lauren Grier, Blue string- Jungle Fun by NitWit collections,
Glitter Splatter- Scavenger hunt freebie by matahari Designs, Star scatter- Start gazing by Bobbie M scraps, HAPPY Alpha- Back 2 school alpha by Designs by Michelle Batton, Before alpha- Overinked by Bobbie M scraps, Stiched border- Stitched Christmas by Syrin Fonts: Boopee, AR Christy, CAC Pinafore

Made with scrapmuss' become a star freebie kit

Kit used is Impressions of Simplicity by the Studio girls @ scrapbook graphics
  Font: CAC Pinafore, Beautiful word art made with scribbles action by atomic cupcake

Using 10 things 2 Love by Anna
Font: DJB jennifer

Thanks for looking!


gabs said...

OMG how can you do such amazing cakes? they are wonderful and your layouts are gorgeous as well!!!

Michelle said...

I love your cakes. I bet your family was happy about their surprises. Enjoy your time at home.

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