35 weeks, 28 days until my c-section!

Hi there! Well here I am, still pregnant (thank god!), and isn't technology awesome? I am posting this post from my phone! My computer is not working so this is how I am posting lol. See how dedicated I am? lol. So anyways, I am now 35 weeks and 3 days according to my ticker. As you can see i am huge! and in pain! My hips feel like they are going to fall apart. I really can't wait to meet my daughter, seeing all the pink baby stuff around the house makes me really anxious! My son looks at everything and asks over and over again "Is this for baby sister mommy?" I say yes again and again lol, i feel bad sometimes because i feel he is getting a bit jealous, I keep buying him little things so he doesn't feel left out. In other news, my big boy is turning 3 in 2 weeks! I can't believe he has grown that much, it feels like it was yesterday I brought him home from the hospital, and now here I am starting all over again lol. I am truly blessed, i have a wonderful husband (hehe he's starting to feel old because he turns 24 at the end of February, he feels he's getting closer to 30!), an awesome son and now I am getting a daughter, I can't wait! Don't worry I will be posting the birth story when it happens, along with pictures. Until next time!


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