With Mixed Emotions...

Hello all and Welcome to my new Blog! Today is a weird day, Its a sad day, happy day, every emotion rolled into one. My Paternal Grandmother passed away last night. After almost 2 years of suffering and pain God finally decided to take her. I am sad but I am glad she is not longer suffering. On a lighter note, my cousin's Daughter was born at 10am this morning! Hazel Jocelyn or Jocelyn Hazel they havent decided yet, but it is a great blessing, One life ends and another begins! For those that don't know me My name is Czianya (pronounced Si-an-ja). I am 21 years old, I am a mother and a wife. My son will be 2 in february and I will be married for 4 years in april. I am a graphic designer and Conference planner, before that I had never touched a designing program so believe me it was great opportunity. I used to be a paper scrapper but that became too expensive according to my husband, so then I found another hobby.... Digiscrapping!!! Its like traditional paper scrapping but everything is done on the computer (or both if you are doing Hybrid scrapping). It has helped a lot in my work life and hobby life. And then recently (like in the past week) I took the plunge into designing. So this is my first kit ever and I am sharing it with you. Its called Baby Lust and the name might say it all lol! I really want another baby but havent been able to convince hubby over here. It has a lot of baby pastel colors but I am sure there are many other uses for it other than baby pages. So here is a preview of it and if you like it make sure you stop by tomorrow for a Friday Freebie.



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